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Among the names of those English women who have inspired the world through their writings, speaking’s and teachings, ElifShafak name holds a dominant place. She is a writer, teacher, essayist, public speaker and a woman right activist. She speaks a lot on rights of women and minorities. She believes that everyone should have a freedom of speech. ElifShafak Books are on range of serious issues like global and cultural politics, the future of Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, democracy and pluralism. She has written much on women rights too. Books by Elf Shafak have remained best seller too. She also has been twice a TED speaker. One was in 2010 and has been viewed nearly 2 million times. The other she gave in 2017 which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times yet.

Early Life:

She was born on 25th October, 1971 in France to philosopher Nuri Bilgin and ŞafakAtayman, who later became a diplomat. Separation of her parents forced her to move in to Ankara where she spent her remaining life with her mother and grandmother. She has spent her teenage in different countries like Ankara, Madrid, Amman and Istanbul. She has lived around the world before making UK her home. One of the most interesting things about ElifShafak life is this that she has incorporated her mother’s first name with her own when constructing her pen name at the age of 18.

Education and Academic career:

She is a well pretty educated women holding various significant degrees like a degree in International Relations, a masters’ degree in Gender and Women’s Studies and a PhD in Political Science and Political Philosophy. She has taught around different universities in the world. She was a fellow at Mount Holyoke College; a visiting professor at the University of Michigan, a tenure-track professor at the University of Arizona, and is currently a Weidenfeld Professor at St Anne’s College, the University of Oxford.

Elif Shafak Books:

She has written both in Turkish and English. She is the most widely read female writer in Turkey. She has written both in fiction and non-fiction. There are 16 books written by her, 10 out of which are novels.

Collection of famous books(novels) of ElifShafaq:

  • The Bastard of Istanbul
  • The Forty Rules of Love
  • Three Daughters of Eve
  • Bit Palas (The Flea Palace)
  • The Saint of Incipient Insanities
  • Pinhan (The Hidden)
  • Şehrin Aynaları (Mirrors of the City)
  • Mahrem (The Gaze)
  • Siyah Süt (Black Milk)
  • Honour
  • The Architect’s Apprentice

Her first novel, Pinhan (The Hidden) was awarded the Rumi Prize in 1998.  Mahrem (The Gaze) which earned her the “Best Novel – Turkish Writers’ Union Prize in 2000.The Forty Rules of Love sold more than 750,000 copies in Turkey and in France was awarded a Prix ALEF- Mention SpécialeLittératureEtrangére. The Bastard of Istanbul, was longlisted for the Orange Prize. Other novels also earned her a lot of awards.

Her remaining writings are on non-fiction and are written for Media.

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