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Jon Elia


Jon Elia was known as a famous poet of Urdu language, biographer, and scholar of Pakistan. His full name is Syed Sabit-e-Asghar Naqvi, born on 14 December 1931 in Amroha, British India. His father was an educationist and writer.  He began writing poetry at the age of 8 but published his first collection, “Shayad” at the age of 60. He was the brother of journalist Rais Amrohvi and Syed Muhammad Taqi, and husband of columnist Zahida Hina.

He distinctly expressed the pain and sorrow that anyone could set influenced by his poetry.

His famous lines about love are “the highest level of love is in actual the beginning of separation from a lover”. As he says

بہت نزدیک آتی جارہی ہوں، بچھڑنے کا اردہ کر لیا کیا؟

کیا کہا محبت جاودہی ہے؟ آخری بار مل رہی ہو کیا؟

Famous books:

Famous gazals by Jon Elia:

  • Gham hai be-majra kai din sy
  • Kia ya aafat nahi azaab nahi
  • Ik guman ka haal hai aur faqat  guman mein  hai
  • Kisi sy koi khafa bhi nahi raha ab to
  • Hum rahy par nahi rahy abaad
  • Usney hum ko guman ma e rakha

Some poetry “Jon Elia”:

Jon Elia mostly writes about the sad part of life so he is well known as a “Poet of PAIN”

So here I gave some famous poetry collection by Jon Elia that is easy to understand by the reader and shows his love and hard work from his work.

In another place, he described his feelings as:

اب کسی سے مرا حساب نہیں

میری آنکھوں میں کوی خواب نہیں

Review on Jon Elia’s books:


Yani by Jon Elia contains Ghazals and Poems. Jon Elia sketched some dark and evil sides of our society in this book from their real life. He has a good approach on different languages and the art of using them to express his feelings and views in his book. By reading the “YANI” you can go deep inside in his life reality. My favorite Ghazal from “Yani” is…

جو زندگی بچی ہے اسے مت گنوايے

بہتريہ ہے کہ آپ مجھے بھول جايے


Guman is an amazing collection of poetry by Jon Elia. By writing “Guman“, he wanted to change the evil side of the world by his pen as they feel very sad to see other peoples in pain and closed their sorrows, pains in his books by describing his words in the shape of poetry and Ghazals…

I think that the Ghazals lines inspire you to read the whole book, “Guman”.

ایک گماں کا حال ہے اور فقط گماں ميں ہے

کس نے عزاب جاں سہاں ،کون عزاب جاں ميں ہے

کیسا حساب کیا حساب حالت حال ہے عزاب

زخم نفس نفس میں ہےزہر زماں زماں میں ہے

Many other books are written by Jon Elia are also a great and amazing collection of poetry, stanzas, and Ghazals. Jon Elia writes in great depth of his feelings as he says in this shayer

میرے مرنے پر لاکھ رونیں گے

میرے رونے پر کون مرتا ہے؟

The famous Urdu poet Jon Elia died on November 8, 2002 but always remains in our heart.